Having reliable travel resources is essential and arguably one of the most important things you should have and carry around to organize your trip in the most efficient and cost effective way manner. Below we have put together a list of several companies we use on the road and are constantly recommending to other people. In our experience, these companies have set the bar:

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Planes, trains & cars


Our #1 flight search engine and our go to right off the bat. Generally, prices are 20-25% cheaper than booking directly with the airline. This doesn’t stop at flying only, it is also useful for hotels and car rentals too. Its ability to calculate the cheapest, quickest and best flight using big and low budget airlines including non-major hubs. A convenient calendar also shows the cheapest days to fly. The layout and design of the website, the simplicity of making a booking on a computer or mobile, and the money saved each time is why Momondo is a winner.


Enjoy traveling in Europe? Low-cost airlines like Vueling are key to getting around the continent while hauling you from point A to B and back without breaking your pocket. You can find fares in Europe for as low as €20 RT! 





Uber has been one of the best modes of transportation by car for around 20-30% cheaper than traditional taxis. Using your mobile GPS, their application allows you to see drivers in hundreds of cities in several countries. It also shows you, in real time, where your driver is so you're not there wondering how long it'll be before they've arrived at your desired location. If you're riding with friends, there is a great 'split fare' feature where everybody riding in the car pays equally. Want to ride in a more comfortable car? There are several categories of cars ranging from economy to luxury. Just select what you want and they'll be there quick! Want $20 off your first ride? 


Skyscanner is used by millions to search many low-budget airlines and non-major airport hubs you can fly into. We generally compare Skyscanner's search results with many other search engines and we have frequently booked and changed our tickets without a hassle. If we aren't using Momondo, Skyscanner is the runner up!




Like Momondo, Google flights does everything similar except search for non-major hubs and low-budget carriers (useful for saving money!). A great feature is the ability to save and track the price of your flight - and will notify you if prices are likely to change in the future, if prices have changed, or if you should buy your ticket ASAP to prevent paying a higher price. The multi-city planner uses special algorithms to calculate the most cost effective way to travel while visiting several cities in one itinerary. It will even recommend close-by airports that are cheaper to fly out of!

Eurail (Rail Europe)

Traveling the stretch of Europe? Want to save money going from Amsterdam to Berlin? Or Paris to Barcelona? Want to see 5 countries in 1 month or you a last-minute to book kind of person? With 27 countries to choose from, a Eurail pass will save you money, can be used for unlimited trips between your chosen countries, and gives you the flexibility and freedom to use Europe’s high speed and efficient trains. They always have special deals here.The scenery is stunning and the trains are all comfy!


Cheapoair is an exciting search engine because of their promo codes and discounts that can help the budget traveler save some money. The amount saved has almost always covered our trip insurance when we use this – free insurance! Cheapoair is also very useful when booking a flight using the flexible dates feature. This usually searches flights within a 3-day radius of your desired travel date and surprisingly, flying a day or two earlier or later can save you upwards of $300! You can also use it for searching hotels and renting cars.Take up to $50 off with Promo Code AIR50 - Book Now!



Likely an important factor to some, booking.com is a one-stop-shop for the budget traveler(s) looking for affordable hotels. This comprehensive search engine will thoroughly search for the cheapest price available on any given day and will likely be cheaper than booking directly with the hotel. They does not take any payments upfront for being the middle-men and have one of the highest customer satisfaction rates. No cancellation penalties and a very mobile-friendly interface has kept us loyal users! Here's $25 CAD towards your first booking!


Want to stay and explore the city or country like a local? Want to save your $$$ and make new friends or even learn the language? Couchsurfing is a fantastic accommodation sharing website that allows you to connect with locals, stay at their place and learn a lot about the surrounding of the city - this can be great to avoid tourist attractions and paths. This is one of the best alternatives for people who no longer want to invest in hostels or hotels on their trip or just want to try something new! Tip: having a gift on hand for the host is a great way to show appreciation for them... it's also a little way of saying thanks!


Going to Asia? Look no further. Agoda is the Airbnb and Expedia of Asia with heavy discounts on beautiful vacation rentals, guest houses, and hotels to choose from. If we are in Asia, this is our one and only favorite tool to use with discounts on mostly every accommodation!






This accommodation platform allows home owners from around the world to rent out their properties (full house, room, apartment, and even tree houses!) to travellers. It allows you to see an area you are visiting from a local’s perspective in the comfort of a private home. Click to receive $45 on your first stay using Airbnb anywhere in the world! Searching by price, housing type, amenities is all easy! You can even use Airbnb’s ‘instant book’ option to secure a place fast.

Trip planning & assistance


The best website to ask and talk to people on forums from all of over the world on travel and food. You can look up recommendations, reviews, and customer photos on restaurants, hotels, and flights in the area you're visiting. It also includes travelers' choice where people like you and I can recommend things to do or eat. Anywhere you've been to or are thinking of heading to, it's likely that this site has it all the information for you for food, attractions, hotels, and other things to do in the area whether you're on a budget or not! 


Lonely Planet

We believe books are the handiest thing next to a mobile phone. If you're in a country and want to do some reading before heading there, Lonely Planet travel guide books are the best at encompassing everything from where you can lodge to how much a meal costs tucked in a hidden alley and more. This can be one of the best planning tools if you're quickly visiting a country. Don't have technology on you? Lonely Planet updates their books frequently to ensure the most accurate information. Pick up a book by Lonely Planet - you won't regret it! There are even handy maps of major cities attached at the end of the book to help navigate you.

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