Our Edible Journey

We're Jenna and Oday, a Canadian pair in search of unique experiences through our food and travels. As Canadians we're known for our pretty sweet maple syrup which is supplied to 80% of the world, our perfectly sculpted igloos (seriously less than a fraction of a % live in one) that appear in many books, and our diversity where you can load up on teppenyaki on one corner and then go for goat curry on the other side of the same street.

Do you, HOWEVER, ever get the burning sensation or a tingle of imagination to book a one-way-ticket out of your comfort to Belize, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, wherever your heart desires? You name it... and yes we totally get it…. and have actually done it together! Life is hectic and that's undeniably going to be a thing forever unless you change it for yourself. Have you ever stopped and realized that a monotonous life can ultimately affect your creativity and imagination down the road? With a busy life and not enough personal time, what are we really living for? A raise? Waiting for time to pass into the 5th dimension? Who knows... but we kind of have an idea. 

Our goal is to inspire and motivate individuals to learn new things food and travel related. You are in the right place for anything tip related to food and travel. Aside from our interests relating to the science of food and working on product development and studying phytonutrients, we spend the majority of our time scoping out new and daring types of dishes, the ones that get your mouth piping hot, or an un-chicken burger made from pea protein and tapioca... niffty, eh? Working on new recipes, searching for "off the beaten path" places to eat, and experiencing every culture Canada and the world has to offer, all while on a good but "not-too-cheap on ourselves budget".

Food is a symbol of love, passion and creation. It encompasses the joy of sharing. Everyone has a favorite meal or memory associated with food. Travel is our ticket to experiencing new and unique flavours and textures that bring new feelings, sensations, and compassion in us. Food brings a sense of community wherever we go in the world - and it's such a pleasure to understand better what shapes us as human beings - literally!

Whether you’re a complete globetrotter, a foodie, or even new to both, this site will have something for you and our passion is to help you recognize that life is not all work - it can be tapping in to the simplest things like sharing a meal with your partner, kicking a ball with the locals, or immersing yourself in Bangkok's hustle together (not the simplest thing!).

More about us…

Our goal is to share Our Edible Journey with you, so you can ultimately create your own edible and travel journey too!  With every trip, more knowledge and wisdom is acquired and can be used in your daily lives. Travel and food keep us grounded with excitement. There's something new cooking everyday in street stalls, restaurants and local households... So what are we waiting for? Imagine the new flavor blast your brain will remember forever... it certainly has made us go back several times to certain areas to keep chowing down. If we've done it, than it is completely possible for everyone else to travel anywhere they'd like. Balancing life's pleasures is key. 


...maybe a little more about us

Jenna was a former chef before coming back to where she temporarily calls home in Ontario, Canada.  Upon travelling the world cooking, her love for molecular gastronomy kept growing and growing.  She then decided to enroll into a 4-year Food Science program in University.  That’s where they met…  Oday was the teacher’s assistant completing his Master’s degree in organic chemistry and shortly after, their lives changed for good! Soon enough Oday had entered into a PhD in Food Science as well!  A few months after meeting they took off to Mexico. During their next year of school they booked tickets to their 4-month placement in Germany as research assistants and had the chance to travel Europe together that summer - and wow, what an adventure of getting to know each other more.. especially when Oday was craving those döners.  Hungry for more adventure, they took off for Thailand that that winter.  They're currently on a never-ending plan for upcoming adventures! 

While studying Food Science, the urge to seek out flavorful foods had been on top of our to-do list – and NO, this isn't the same school schedule list (which is now history, yay me!). Setting out as the travelling couple, our schedules abroad have revolved around the understanding of culture and food habits. As Canadians, we are influenced by the many cultures, languages and foods that our beautiful country has to offer. Our Edible Journey strives to bring these dishes back and share it with our family and friends (Psst...Check out our Travel Tip page!)