Hi and welcome to Our Edible Journey!

We are Jenna and Oday, a travelling couple from Canada in search of never ending experiences through food and travel adventures

Have you ever just wanted to sell all your things and depart with a one-way-ticket to [insert name here]? Yea, we get it…. and have actually done it! Life gets hectic, and everyone needs to stop and realize that if they’re not really enjoying it, then what’s the point?!

So, if your looking to get inspired & motivated, learn new travel and food tips, than you’re in the right place! We spend all our free time travelling, tasting new foods, trying out new recipes, searching new places to eat, and experiencing different cultures and cuisines - while on a budget.

Food is a symbol of love, passion, creation, and encompasses the joy of sharing. Everyone has a favorite meal or memory associated with food. Travel is the ticket to experiencing new and unique flavours and textures that bring new feelings, sensations, and compassion in us. Food brings a sense of community wherever you go in the world - and it's such a pleasure to understand better what shapes us as human beings - literally!

So, whether you’re a complete travel junkie, foodie, or completely new to both, this site will have something for everyone and our passion is to help people recognize that life is not all about work but enjoying even the simple things, such as every meal.

More about us…

We not only want to share our edible journey with you, we want you to be able to have your own too!  Travelling as students can be difficult but we maintain that it is completely possible to travel anywhere you would like, with your loved one, and thrive in all areas with just a little balance

... a little more about us

I, that’s Jenna, was a former chef before coming to where we temporarily call home in Ontario, Canada.  Upon travelling the world cooking, my love for molecular gastronomy kept growing and growing.  I then decided to enroll into a 4-year Food Science program in University.  That’s where we met…  Oday was the teacher’s assistant completing his Master’s degree in organic chemistry and our lives changed for good! Soon enough Oday had entered into a PhD in Food Science as well!  And within a few months after meeting we left for Mexico - yes we know what your thinking... it was fast, but it worked out (obviously)!  Upon the next year of school, we booked tickets to our 4-month placement in Germany as research assistants and had the chance to travel Europe together that summer - and wow, what an adventure.  Hungry for more, we took of for Thailand that winter semester, and are currently planning our new adventures! 

During our time pursuing Food Science as a profession, the urge to seek out flavorful foods has been on top of our to-do list – and NO, this isn't the same school schedule list! Setting out as the travelling couple, our schedules abroad have revolved around the understanding of culture and food habits. As Canadians, we are influenced by the many cultures, languages, and foods that our beautiful country has to offer. Our Edible Journey strives to bring these dishes back and share it with our family and friends (Psst...Check out our Travel Tip page!)


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