408 Ventray Masticating Juicer

Hey guys!  There’s been some seriously cold weather coming up on us this winter and a bunch of people have gotten sick around us with what else but the flu. Neither of us have got sick yet (hope we don’t jinx it!) but we often never do. 

Why we Juice: We like to attribute that to our healthy lifestyles filled with regular workouts, outside time, yoga, and of course….juice!  The new juicer we got to try out from Ventray is amazing. 


First, we have to mention that this juicer is beyond anything else we have tried.  Double the juice comes out compared to other juicers out there!  That’s 2 cups more than any other juicer we have used for the same amount of food that goes in!  Isn’t that why we even buy a juicer?  To get maximum yield of juice from the stuff that we put in it?  I think so.


Another thing we really want to harp on is faster is not necessarily more when it comes to juicing.  Actually, the more you speed you have the more you heat your juice due to frictional forces exhibited by the machine.  That means more nutrients are degraded and oxidation will ensue.  Yesssss enter nerd mode now, I mean we are food scientists.  But seriously, 65 rpm is a perfect speed for crushing the food without introducing heat to your juice retaining as many micro-nutrients as possible. 


Next it has a HUGE angled chute to throw your prepped vegetables/fruit in.  That means you don’t need to waste a bunch of time cutting up the goodies and you can enjoy your juice ever faster! I don’t think we need to say much more other than AWESOME. 


Before we had this juicer we thought we were limited to fruit or veg.  But now a whole new world has opened up to us.  We’ve even been making nut “juices” since the corkscrew design of the auger completely smushes any nut thrown in.


Best of all is that it’s generally quiet.  If you have kids or a partner that likes to sleep in longer than you, you can easily run the juicer with minimal disturbance. 

 Now…let’s talk cleaning.  Essentially there is 6 pieces to the juicer.  The pusher, the feeding tube, the auger, the bowl, and the strainer-which comes in two pieces.  It’s insanely easy to take apart and clean quickly.  The pusher, feeding tube and piece of the strainer take about a few seconds each just rinsing with hot water and the bowl and the strainer take a bit more time since it’s best to make sure all the pulp is removed.  Ventray includes a wicked cleaning brush that has a pick at the end of the handle that makes removing the pulp from the bowl super easy.  So clean up is super efficient and that’s definitely one of the top highlights of this juicer. 

Truly one of the best juicers out there you wont be disappointed if you’re considering Ventray’s 408 cold pressed juicer

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