You wanna chat?! OK – fantastic! You’re in the right place to ask us anything from packing to getting around and indulging in tasty treats as you trek on your adventure. We’re here to help you around the site and hopefully on the road to your edible journey. We are a pair of food lovers inspiring travel in search of delicious foods our world has to offer.

We Got You

If you’re asking us on “What is the cheapest way to eat through Berlin?”, “Where to get the best green curry in Bangkok?” or even “Which local foods would you recommend eating on a 3-night stay in Crete?” then you’re in the right spot! We will help everyone by assessing your needs on an individual basis and getting back to you as soon as we can. Of course, please specify what it is you want to chat about in the subject line!

Food Eureka? 

For the scientist in you, if you enjoy food just as much as we do and want to chat about the elements that makes up the deliciousness of food from a molecular perspective, we want to hear about it! Molecular gastronomy has been a hobby of ours, like creating flavored caviar using different natural compounds or using liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze something! Some of our favorite books by Nathan Myhrvold, The Modernist Cuisine, show you what fascinating stuff goes on in the cooking lab where you can understand the origins of food flavors, how our senses have adopted these flavors and textures to understanding the science of making the perfect boiled egg. Even more so, if you’ve ever been curious to know when you’re meal would be ready in your pressure cooker without lifting the lid, Nathan and his team literally cut theirs in half to show you the exact time a color change occurs – with high quality photos of course!